Bukit Lawang - Jungle trekking


Our treks are with and responsible guides to ensure thatourism has minimal impact on the rainforest. We can arrange accommodation and transport  from Kuala Namu International Airport to Bukit Lawang. It is a 4-5 hour car ride from Medan to Bukit Lawang

Half day trek (approx. 3 hours)        15 euros/person
One day trek        25 euros/person
Two days and one night trek  50 euros/person
Three days and two nights trek  75 euros/person
Five days trek to Kuta Cane      200  euros/person

if you would like to return to Bukit lawang by traditional rafting it is 10 euros/person.

Please note: a minimum of 3 persons is required to run our treks. It is our responsibility to complete the group.
Additional charge

Trekking prices includes all breakfast, lunch and dinner whilst you are trekking in the jungle, a delicious selection of fruits to keep your energy up,  also  permits to enter the National Park and the guide association

Example typical trekking schedule

Day 1
After having breakfast at your guesthouse your guide will take you across the river on a rubber boat to the orangutan feeding platform. Here the semi-wild orangutans that were previously in rehabilitation centres are fed bananas twice daily (8.30am and 3pm). There is no cost for taking pictures inside the National Park 
but at the feeding platform it is Rp 150,000 extra for permit and 
cameras/video cameras. 

After approximately an hour at the feeding platform you will start your trek through the Gunung Leuser National Park. We will go deeper into the jungle to spot different types of flora and fauna. Of course the semi-wild and wild orangutans will be the biggest highlight!

Day 2 
Your jungle breakfast will be prepared by your guides and will include delicious local fruits. You will then set off for another day of trekking to explore deeper into the tropical rainforest. You will enjoy the song of birds as well as the call of the gibbon. Trekking is usually for 6-7 hours a day and can include stops to see the natural waterfalls inside the jungle. At the end of each day you can swim and relax by the river and enjoy being surrounded by the natural beauty of the rainforest.

Day 3
After trekking for a third day you can either choose to return by foot or by traditional rafting.

What you need to bring
For your safety and fell comfortablbe 
• Daypack

• Good and comfortable trekking shoes
• Comfortable suits and T - Shirt
• Sandals/slippers
• Warm cloth  
.Sleeping bags
• Rain coats
• Flash light
• Binocular, Camera
• Personal medicine and first aid kit
• other personal things

All our tour packages are flexible! The following is an outline itinerary,  Contact us to combine activities to make your own personalised itinerary tailored to your interests.